What We Do

PowerHousing supports the growth of Community Housing Providers (CHPs) in Australia. Our role is to facilitate and support member exchange and collaboration through structured networks of CHPs, businesses, policy makers, international partnerships and a wide range of other stakeholders. Through this network of collaboration and learning, PowerHousing Australia delivers strong sector advocacy to influence national housing policy and effective change.

Collaborating for a better housing future

Collaborating for a better housing future

PowerHousing Australia continues to expand and strengthen the community housing sector through influencing policy, creating opportunities for aggregations, exploring innovative funding models, enhancing governance and providing a best-practice member exchange.

PowerHousing Australia aspires to continue to strengthen the sector and support our members to solve the housing affordability crisis. Our strategic plan to 2026 seeks to be ambitious, to maximise our impact through our two overarching pillars of Member Exchange and Influencing Outcomes:

  1. Member Exchange

A leader in national and international best practice sharing forums. Anchored in peer exchanges among thought leaders, members share and seek common solutions to improve, adapt and expand their business to better serve their communities.

  1. Influencing Outcomes

Influencing, informing and shaping stakeholder perspectives and national policy positions to achieve systemic growth for community housing member organisations.

Best Practice Member Exchange

Best Practice Member Exchange

PowerHousing Australia facilitates regular opportunities for members to network, meet and exchange knowledge.

The key focuses for our Member Exchange is to:

  • Facilitate member sharing and learning
  • Provide opportunities for international member exchange
  • Develop member and affiliate partnerships
  • Scale benefits for members
  • Enhance the talent in the sector
  • Support operational best practice
  • Collaborate for better tenant outcomes

Our Roundtables

CEO Roundtable, CFO Roundtable, Operations Roundtable, Development and Assets Roundtable.

Our Communities of Practice (CoP)

People and Culture CoP, Disability Housing CoP, National Compliance CoP, Cyber Security CoP.

Working Groups

Treasury Working Group, Emerging Leaders and Rising Stars Working Group, Marketing, Social Media and Communications Working Group, Tenant Engagement Working Group.

Annual Member Exchange Conference

The PowerHousing Annual Member Exchange Conference hosted in Canberra, brings together over 500 sector and industry peers for a two-day conference, awards ceremony and trade show. Our conference provides a forum for focused exchange on issues relevant to our members.

International Housing Partnership Exchange

PowerHousing Australia has a long standing international reputation and commitment to bringing institutional investment into the Australian affordable housing development. PowerHousing Australia is a proud partner of the International Housing Partnership, which allows our member CEOs and executives to connect with international leaders. The International Housing Partnership (IHP) is a collaborative organisation representing more than 175 non-profit housing providers across Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. PowerHousing is the Australia representative at the IHP, along with Housing Partnership Canada, Housing Partnership UK and the Housing Partnership Network (USA).

PowerHousing travelled with a delegation to the United Kingdom in October 2023 for the 2023 International Housing Partnership Leadership Exchange Meeting at Glasgow, UK.

The 2024 International Housing Partnership Leadership Exchange Meeting will be held in Washington DC, USA.

Influencing Outcomes

Influencing Outcomes

Our national advocacy and ability to influence outcomes draws upon our member exchange and affiliate expertise. Aligned with our strategic priorities, PowerHousing Australia continues to drive significant advocacy efforts for the community housing sector, creating opportunities for the continued growth and expansion for PowerHousing members.

The key focuses that help us to Influence Outcomes include:

  • Influence decision makers and government on CHP capability
  • Demonstrate social and economic impact of additional CHP supplied housing
  • Encourage Government and institutional investment into the sector
  • Jurisdictional awareness and national policy response
  • Strategic alignment and partnerships with peak bodies