PowerHousing CoreLogic Australian Affordable Housing Report 2023

Housing affordability measures are painting a concerning picture around the country, and it’s been the trend for some time. Affordable housing is moving out of the reach of low to moderate income earners. The national rental market is absorbing most of the record levels of overseas migrants and unsurprisingly is where some of the most alarming trends in stock availability and price rises are most evident. The report analyses and discusses the impacts of the current record level of Net Overseas Migration, and the squeeze it is already placing on the rental market in particular.

Unique to this publication, PowerHousing Australia Economics undertook economic modelling regarding the feasibility of building the Federal Government’s 5-year target of 1.2 million homes beginning in July 2024. The question remains, is the market framework adequate to support the fiscal stimulus? On an annual basis, target dwelling completions would need to be 240,000 dwellings. It must be stated that the nation’s highest annual recorded output to date was 223,558 in the year to March 2017.

Looking toward the future and the need for transformative solutions, this Australian Affordable Housing Report 2023 asserts that reprieve is possible with the following four essential reform agendas:

  1. Transformative reforms to planning and development approval systems
  2. The establishment of social and affordable housing as a viable asset class
  3. Taxation reform for social and affordable housing
  4. Empowering the leadership of community housing providers in addressing the social and affordable housing crisis

FY2024 Scale Sector Capacity Prospectus

The release of the FY2024 Scale CHP Sector Capacity Prospectus indicates the capacity of the PowerHousing Australia Members to deliver the supply of affordable housing at a time when a relief from housing unaffordability and cost of living pressures is needed most. 

Inquiry into property transfer methodologies

The research focused on four key questions:

1. What are the legal issues in property transfers?

2. How are valuation standards and methodologies applicable within property transfers?

3. What are the optimal capital management practices for social housing stakeholders?

4. What are the processes and benefits of building condition assessment (planned maintenance) schemes?