PowerHousing Australia has three types of membership, full, affiliate and associate. Full membership is open to independent housing organisations or organisations with substantial housing activity who have a collaborative culture and the capacity to operate at scale. Affiliate members can be private sector businesses, business partners, or any other legal entity deemed appropriate by the Board. Affiliate members can be professional bodies or associations,  not-for profit entities, an academic or research body or organisation, or any other legal entity deemed appropriate by the Board. All members must commit to support the objectives of PowerHousing Australia. For full membership criteria please contact PowerHousing Australia at

Use the button to view or download the member list, as at July 2023.

Communities of Practice

PowerHousing Australia Communities of Practice under their Terms of Reference may invite relevant organisations to join. Membership must be approved by the Executive Officer. Membership is only to the Community of Practice and doesn’t constitute membership of PowerHousing Australia.


International Housing Partnership (IHP)

PowerHousing Australia is the Australian representative of the International Housing Partnership – a collaborative of more than 175 leading not for profit housing and community development organisations in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.  Collectively members provide over one million homes for more than 2.5 million people.

To access the opportunities provided by the IHP, Australian organisations must be a member of PowerHousing Australia. Members are able to attend the Annual IHP Exchange which will be held in Melbourne in October 2017 and was held in Ottawa, Canada in October 2016. They can also participate in international working groups and activities associated with the exchange such as study tours and the Thinker in Residence program. Members also have access to MemberExchange, an online platform which allows them to network with colleagues nationally and internationally.

Melbourne Australia hosted the event in October 2017 and Manchester UK will be hosting the event in 2018.

  • Peer to peer exchange – provides regular opportunities for members to meet, network and exchange knowledge. This includes CEO, CFO, Operations Managers and Development & Asset Managers Roundtables and Communities of Practice for Disability Housing, People and Culture, Compliance, Non-Executive Directors and Aggregated Capital Raising.
  • Annual Exchange – the annual exchange is open to non-executive directors, executives and staff of Members and provides a forum for focused exchange on issues relevant to Members
  • Annual awards are an integral part of the annual exchange and recognise achievements of Members and their staff
  • Access to the International Housing Partnership and associated activities
  • Thought Leadership – PHA fosters opportunities for members to share best practice, innovative ideas and policy
  • Facilitation of research, benchmarking of services and special projects
  • Resource mobilisation and influencing – connects members with resources to enable them to respond to housing need and promotes the capacity of members to represent policy positions and practical options to government and other stakeholders. PHA has no dependence on government for operational funding and provides independent advice on behalf of Members.
  • Aggregated purchasing of advice and services provides financial benefits to Members
  • Access to MemberExchange, an online platform which offers national and international networking and access to information and groups of interest.

The advantages of membership, what PowerHousing Australia does with and on behalf of Members: