PowerHousing CoreLogic Australian Affordable Housing Report 2023

This year’s edition of the report accurately measures and identifies the extent and detail of the deterioration of housing affordability – in partnership with CoreLogic. It highlights that dwelling values have quickly returned to pre-Covid levels, it underscores the red-hot conditions in the rental market – prices and vacancy rates, and it shines light on the stress held by both those living in Australian dwellings and those building Australian dwellings.

The report outlines the Federal Government’s ambitious housing agenda with unseen expenditure levels slated to begin in 2024. The landmark fiscal investment in housing – the Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF) and the National Housing Accord – are major steps in the right direction for partnerships of Community Housing Providers (CHPs) and government. However, the report brings into question the feasibility of the 1.2 million homes target over five years.

Finally, as per previous reports, there is a pragmatic approach with well-researched industry-supported solutions to alleviate the structural undersupply. The need for reform is identified with necessary specificity, as well as the urgency of the essential reform agendas. Substantive reform in land-use planning, attracting private sector capital investment, and removal of obstructive taxes are emphasised as fundamental elements of a holistic strategy to solve a long-term structural problem. It is also asserted that the rapidly changing landscape requires a metamorphosis in the recognition of key leaders, and CHP’s will be absolutely essential to addressing this crisis and must be recognised and empowered accordingly.​

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PowerHousing Australian Affordable Housing Report 2023 in partnership with CoreLogic