International Housing Partnership Toronto and New York Study Tour opens investor doors for Australian social and affordable housing

After three years virtual meetings, PowerHousing has been able to travel to North America as part of a delegation to join our international colleagues at the 2022 International Housing Partnership Leadership Meeting at Toronto. The International Housing Partnership (IHP) is a collaborative organisation representing more than 175 non-profit housing providers across Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. PowerHousing is the Australia representative at the IHP, along with Housing Partnership Canada, Housing Partnership UK and the Housing Partnership Network (USA).

The IHP hold annual international leadership exchanges (sparing COVID), hosted by one of the member countries. The last IHP meeting was held in San Fransisco (2019), with Manchester (2018) hosting the year before. The United Kingdom is set to host the 2023 IHP meeting with Australia next in line.

We hope to share our IHP and pre-tour report and findings with Members over the next week.


New York Immersion and Pre-tour


PowerHousing able to arrange key strategic meetings on behalf of members. These meetings, held across New York City, were an informative and productive exercise. We aim to build relationships to help create a network of international expertise that will inform the work we do.

The United States has more than 30-years of experience with the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), which created an investment ecosystem around affordable housing delivery. We aim to create a similar ecosystem within Australia, with ambitions to build a globally relevant asset class. Our work creating a Global Asset Class for Affordable Housing (see the 2019 Paxon report) will be amplified by this kind of engagement.

Our New York meeting destinations include:

  • NYU – Furman Center
  • Amazon
  • Pension Real Estate Association
  • United Nations
  • Morgan Stanley
  • City of New York Cooperatives
  • New York City Housing Authority
  • Sendero Verde site visit – we thank Tim Williams for helping coordinate this visit

The pre-tour meetings with Morgan Stanley, Pension Real Estate Association, BWD, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Amazon and others provided deep insights into impact and ESG investment and we will be sharing our Yield Stack modelling and Global Asset Class 2.0 work (both currently in development) with them for their feedback.

As the fourth trip to engage in these meetings, it is our vision that the 30 plus year affordable asset class can operate in a similar manner here in Australia. Their eagerness to assist will be represented by Morgan Stanley and BWD USA being keynotes in Australia at our November conference.

We hope to share our IHP and pre-tour report and findings with Members over the next week.



Toronto – International Housing Partnership Leadership Exchange 2022


The IHP Toronto Leadership Exchange was held over four days (3 October to 6 October). Each day focused on a different theme:

  • Day One: Three Years Later – Policy, Economy & Operating Contexts
  • Day Two: Embracing (and Preparing for) Transformation
  • Day Three: Focusing on People & Communities
  • Day Four: Exploring Innovation in Toronto

Topics of discussion across the Toronto meeting included:

  • Candian housing policy
  • Post-COVID sector environment
  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Climate adaptation and resilience
  • Innovative housing and integrated services
  • The future of housing

Along with sites visits through the beautiful city of Toronto.


Engagement with the Canadian Federal Housing Minister and Deputy Mayor


Detailed information about the IHP Conference 2022 can be found here.

There will be a report on the IHP meeting provided to members soon.