Infrastructure Australia’s plan integrates Social Infrastructure and Community Housing

Infrastructure Australia has today published its landmark 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan, calling for a new wave of infrastructure reform with a 15-year roadmap to drive our standard of living and improve the resilience and sustainability of our essential infrastructure, which now includes Social Infrastructure including Community Housing.

PowerHousing applauds Infrastructure Australia for stepping in with the Australian Infrastructure Plan to include Social Infrastructure for first time, which like other infrastructure is a fast growing place of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investment.

Community Housing’s inclusion in the plan acknowledges the critical role these physical spaces and assets play in supporting the nation’s wellbeing and making Australian communities healthy places to live.

Social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, parks, community centres and social housing are included with a particular focus on Community Housing and these are areas that we see significant growth in international ESG investment.

It is clear that without housing the COVID-19 natural disaster would have been a much greater economic event, and people having been confined to lock down are very aware of how the home has been the reason they have been able to work, school and get through.

By providing high levels of amenity and quality of life, these facilities and the services they deliver attract people to live in an area and enable them to stay there through all stages of life.

The position of the home as the most central piece of social infrastructure is finally sinking in, this plan picks up on that sentiment.

The substantial contribution that social infrastructure makes to local and national economies is becoming recognised here and this plan will provide the most integrated plan to grow healthy Australian communities into the future.