Federal domestic violence funding to save lives and support safe futures

PowerHousing Australia welcomed today’s announcement by the Australian Government that 40 projects would be funded to build new safe places for women and children escaping domestic violence.

On average, one woman is killed in Australia each week by a current or former partner.  Under the Safe Places initiative, around 700 new safe places will be built, to support around 6,000 women and children each year.  This initiative will help save lives and provide protection for those most vulnerable to the abhorrent scourge that is domestic violence.

The number of women and children who become homeless as a result of having to flee domestic violence continues and this announcement will change lives.

PowerHousing Members, who manage or own over 72,000 homes, have sought additional support to tackle this growing problem and this Federal commitment will provide access to specialist family and domestic violence services to help create real and lasting change in the lives of thousands of women and children.

PowerHousing Members had constructive discussion this month with the Assistant Minister for Community Housing and Homelessness, Luke Howarth MP, and are seeking more announcements of this nature to continue to support social housing.

With the Federal Budget just over a week away it would be hoped that there are other measures that will support the growing number of people who have been challenged by the impacts of COVID-19.

In addition to the profound social impact, every new home provides periods of work for 43 trades and subtrades.  This provides significant flow-through to the economy in manufacturing and retail and sees social housing act as a social and economic shock absorber.

While there is a variety of options to support the health and welfare of Australians through this difficult period, there is more to be done in housing. There is a need to immediately mobilise to drive new commencements and support the economy with a social focus ahead of the Federal Budget.  Social housing will always play a role where the market can’t.