PowerHousing MX Repository for COVID-19 Information

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a rapidly evolving landscape within Australia. We have seen near-daily national press conferences in the last week delivering key federal advice and new restrictions, with more restrictions and rules expected to come in the near future.

In our biggest Member Exchange (MX) in Canberra in November 2019, 400 representatives of PowerHousing Members and Affiliates came together under the theme ‘Building Resilient Australian Communities and the best practice developed over many years has led to our Members being well prepared

To assist Members the PowerHousing MX Repository has been set up to support the information needs of Members as and when they need it. A decade of PowerHousing MX and IHP best practice will be accessible with new materials as required.

Included in the PowerHousing MX Repository is Member best practice, Training, Committee materials and importantly COVID 19 information. This information such as the COVID-19 booklet is provided to support with the key safety and employment issues. The content of this publication is for general informational purposes only.

Coronavirus info for service providers 

Members to contact PowerHousing Australia at admin@powerhousing.com.au for MX Repository access.