PowerHousing Australia and Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA) have come together under a Memorandum of Understanding.

As a principle, the new agreement outlines a framework for collaborative approach to federal influence, ensuring the two peaks advocate a complementary or united message to MPs, senators and other key stakeholders. As has been the case in recent times and into the future, both respective CEOs, as well as board members of each organisation, meet regularly to discuss current issues and share information to mutually benefit the sector.

We will also meet as part of a joint peaks group and currently considering a national Community Housing Strategy.

PowerHousing is a peak representative body that represents growth providers rather than the broader group of interests of the whole sector.   We focus our efforts to represent just those growth providers with a set of scale characteristics. We create peer to peer exchange and employ strategies for that particular set of providers. We may not always have the same interests, but where appropriate we will complete joined up work in an MoU on particular areas of strategic focus with other like organisations.

We are working through additional strategic MoU’s with key organisations that will bolster our scale social and affordable housing efforts. These MoUs will complement the growing work of our Affiliate and Associate program which has enhanced our Member network to 34 CHPs and 50 Affiliates/Associates.

PowerHousing works tirelessly for our 34 Members and our 50 Affiliates make our group a nimble, yet formidable group to aggregated and collaborate with to a better housing future.