SAHF2 success for PowerHousingMembers Housing Plus and SGCH

PowerHousing Australia today welcomed the second announcement of funding from the $1.1b Social and Affordable Housing Fund with PowerHousing Australia Members Housing Plus and SGCH successful in their bids to deliver around 500 new social and affordable homes.

The delivery of the next wave of SAHF 2 through these two leading CHPs is a strong show of support for the Sector as solid injection in affordable and social housing partnership investment.

These are leading best practice partnerships being mobilised right here and with 220 homes and 260 homes respectively being delivered by Housing Plus and SGCH and there will be hundreds of families that will benefit from the provision of these new LHA Silver universal designed, social and affordable housing.

What we know is that housing over a 15 year period has risen in price beyond wage growth to the point where it is simply unaffordable and partnerships such as these are needed to support those on low to moderate incomes to realise affordable housing solutions.

Nationally we are seeing partnerships with the CHP Sector being developed by Government with all elements of the supply chain of housing and there is a reality here that CHPs are leading best practice providers of affordable and liveable housing.

Having Housing Plus and SGCH announced as successful proponents for the SAHF 2 further demonstrates the capacity and capability of the not for profit sector to supply social and affordable housing as efficiently and effectively as it can be done.

Behind these two brands of CHP are some amazing individuals, from their CEOs, across their workforces and particularly their field staff whose role and impact in the community should not be understated and this investment will create massive change for the good in the lives of many.

Whilst a partnership in SAHF2 brings together these two key CHPs, it also brings in world leading expertise from global brand partners such as CBA here in Australia and learnings from overseas such as from the US and the UK where affordable housing is an asset class for engagement and investment.

With the growth and acceleration in social and affordable housing partnerships right across this country and the imminent release of a Federal Bond Aggregator first issue, there is a momentum building around affordable housing being forged into an asset class which this announcement highlights today.