PowerHousing Welcomes New CHP Member – Unison Housing Ltd

PowerHousing is pleased to welcome Unison to the membership, bringing our CHP members to 32. Unison was formed in 2017 in the merger of Yarra Community Housing & Urban Communities Ltd. We are pleased to welcome Unison CEO Ed Holmes to attend his first PowerHousing CEOs meeting in November.

Based in Melbourne, and with offices throughout Victoria and Adelaide, Unison houses manages over 2,500 tenancies and assists more than 3,000 people each year who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Along with providing social housing services which includes a Tenant Advisory Group, Unison provides commercial property management, Owners Corporation management and cleaning and grounds services in order to provide all the services that communities need. Unison aims to be a registered Tier 1 Housing Provider by 2019-20.

Unison’s applied research partnership with RMIT University, the Housing Research LaB, aims to use a research-based approach to maximise Unison’s impact on tenants using the measures of social, economic and health outcomes. The LaB will also develop a new homelessness course at RMIT and supports three PhD students.