PowerHousing Annual Member Exchange – August 21-23 2018

What have 350 sector, industry, affiliate, associate, political, departmental, international experts, thought leaders and professionals have in common? The 2018 PowerHousing Australia Member Exchange!

Amidst a most turbulent week in the Canberra political landscape which saw the appointment of a new Prime Minister, our event brought together an exchange of deep engagement with international perspectives from Piers Williamson, Lisa Mallory and Doug Bibby. Our event structured for our Members, CEOs and staff to engage one on one and particularly our Rising Stars and Non-Executive Directors with these international experts.

Our event acknowledged our Members across our National Awards categories, and we saw some amazing talent coming through with our Rising Star joint winners Laura Lovey (Junction Australia) and Calvin Garrett (BHC Ltd) who, in addition to being recognised alongside their Rising Star 2018 peers, are making arrangements to head respectively to their New Zealand and the UK Immersions. PowerHousing is also proud to recognise the 2018 Outstanding Achievement winner Amy Maynard (BHC Ltd) whose work continues to define and shine a light a work on what we do everyday.

Our engagement with both the government and opposition in Canberra provides insights for members about the type of work engaged in with our nations leaders and our brief, formal and informal discussions and engagements from the Prime Minister downwards shows our political reach today.

What was special about this event from my perspective and the feedback of others was the sense of common goal and our purpose as ‘engines for action’; we are CHPs igniting and powering Australian social change.

Whilst the sector has a long way to go, the photos of the Member Exchange and National Awards show our members acknowledging the real progress, hard work and success with a real sense of a community camaraderie that tell of who we are in 2018 as a national peak exchange.

PowerHousing is appreciative of the support of affiliates and associates, including FJ Partners, and our small but dedicated team here at PowerHousing Australia.