PowerHousing welcomes City West Housing as new Members

PowerHousing Australia is proud to welcome City West Housing into the membership which brings the organisation to 31 of the scale developers and managers of social housing.

CWH was established by the NSW Government in 1994 as the first affordable housing company in Australia. Its purpose was “to be an independent and accountable housing association providing an efficient and effective, affordable and appropriate housing service for very low, low and moderate income earners”. CWH is a not-for-profit Tier 1 registered CHP and a company limited by shares.

CWH’s vision is to provide affordable rental housing to those who live and work in the Sydney area. Their Mission is to build community diversity through the provision of quality affordable rental properties, allowing people to live and work locally.

CWH, while small, has a target to grow from 725 to 1,390 properties by 2023. This growth will be delivered through five development projects in the City of Sydney for which they have already acquired land.