Everybody’s Home Housing Campaign Launched

A coalition of housing and homelessness peaks and providers have launched a research-based campaign to broaden the public debate around housing and homelessness with Essential Media partnering to make this happen.
The campaign, which was launched in March at the National Press Club, aims to persuade governments to act to end homelessness, improve rental security, fund new affordable rental houses and change the tax settings to increase investment in affordable rentals and home ownership for young people.
The Everybody’s Home campaign will be an umbrella campaign to unite the sector and will be tailored for both the Federal and upcoming State elections.
As showcased to PowerHousing members at the October IHP meeting, the campaign aims to support those struggling to find shelter each night or looking to buy a first home, to make sure everyone has a home.

Go to http://everybodyshome.com.au/ to sign up,

To view the campaign advertisement go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnieqvVxrXo to view and link to the campaign messaging.