Affordable housing to run along light rail after Randwick included in plan

Former planning minister Rob Stokes has allowed Randwick Council’s request to charge developers under SEPP 70 for affordable housing contributions.  This is in line with the findings of the Greater Sydney Commission in late 2016 and makes Randwick council the fourth in Sydney to bring in such measures.

The Council intends to use these contributions along the Kensington to Kingsford light rail line, addressing housing affordability in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

“By including Randwick specifically in the affordable housing SEPP, this will give us a legal framework to require new development to have more affordable housing rather than relying on the goodwill of the developer,” Randwick mayor Noel D’Souza said.

In the draft release of the “Kensington to Kingsford” strategy the council indicated they wished to create an additional 1500 new homes along Anzac Parade.  Consultation on the plan will commence in 2017.