Ivanhoe Estate Redevelopment


Social Housing Minister Brad Hazzard and Ryde MP Victor Dominello at Macquarie Park on Wednesday. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO

The NSW Government last Wednesday announced ‘an exciting new multi million dollar plan’ to demolish North Ryde’s Ivanhoe Housing Estate and build 1,900 luxury high rise apartments, 556 new social housing units and 128 affordable housing dwellings over the next three years.

Planning Minister Rob Stokes, Social Housing Minister Brad Hazzard and Ryde MP Victor Dominello jointly announced the plan at Macquarie Park and said it will offer opportunities for new apartment living in the sought after Macquarie Park commercial centre backed by $5 million in local infrastructure.

“This is an exciting opportunity to build on Macquarie Park’s success as a commercial hub and enhance this existing business space with a residential community as well, so it can continue to grow and thrive into the future,” Mr Stokes said.

“The Government has learnt valuable lessons from the past and what we won’t be doing is creating a precinct without also delivering the complementary transport and infrastructure this community needs to thrive.”

Ryde MP Victor Dominello promised new schools and green space as part of the development plan and stressed it is the government’s priority for the community to reap the benefits of housing growth.

“The government will protect Macquarie Park’s thriving commercial centre and at the same time find ways to add new apartment living opportunities, restaurants, schools and open spaces, transforming a commercial centre into a community as well,” Mr Dominello said.

“Macquarie Park has the opportunity to be an innovation district, a space where we can foster collaboration and technical advancement for the benefit of our economy and our community.”

The private sector will be asked by NSW Land and Housing Corporation and UrbanGrowth NSW to propose integrated approaches to ‘place making’ of the new community which will include planning, design, construction and management.

Teams from the Department of Family and Community Services have an information tent at the Estate and are working with around 600 residents on future options as well as giving an assurance that ‘eligible tenants’ who wish to return after three years can do so.

The three Ministers are also aware the State Government needs to address Northern Sydney’s rental crisis that has resulted in thousands of low income Ryde workers commuting each day from suburbs as wide spread as Maroubra and Blacktown.

“We said we would boost the supply of social and affordable housing, we said we would look to the innovation of the private sector and we are delivering all that in spades here,” Mr Hazzard said.

“We also want to use social housing to break the cycle of disadvantage and we want to encourage people in social housing to be aspirational, not generational.

“A number of the new social housing units will be used to trial innovative programs that link housing assistance to participation in education, training and local employment opportunities to promote independence.”

He said the area surrounding Herring Road, North Ryde, will have the potential for up to 5,800 new homes by 2031.